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Tournament Director:
The Tournament Director shall be responsible for resolving all inquiries or disputes regarding off-ice rule application or interpretation, player eligibility, disciplinary action or any other procedural disputes. He or she will not overturn any dispute concerning rules and/or the judgment applied by on-ice officials. All decisions of the Tournament Director are final. 

Team Manager:
The Team Manager must register 60 minutes prior to their first game. Each team is asked to provide a contact person and phone number for which they can be reached during the weekend to the Rink Supervisor.

SuperSeries AAA will have a Rink Manager at all arenas. All team representatives are responsible for checking for any schedule changes, player suspensions and other important information pertinent to their team and its participation in this SuperSeries AAA event.

SuperSeries AAA player waivers must be completed in full for each participant before the start time of the first game played. Waiver link:

All teams must use the locker room assigned to them during check-in. It is the team managers/representatives responsibility to ensure that the locker room is maintained and kept clean (no trash/tape/food or drink on the floor)prior to vacating the locker room after each game. The team manager/representative is responsible for all damage done to the locker room, equipment in the locker, or the facility.

Each team/team manager is responsible for the safeguarding of all team items in the locker rooms. The facility and/or host organization assume no liability or responsibility for any theft or damage due to team negligence.

Managers will make parents, bench staff and players aware that SuperSeries AAA supports the USA Hockey and Hockey Canada Zero Tolerance Initiatives for verbal abuse of any player, official, parent or spectator. The Tournament Director or rink staff reserves the right to remove any violator from the premises.

All other teams should forward on an excel spreadsheet with the player name, number and position so that we may upload to our files for this event.

Event Format:

Each team will play 4 round robin games with scheduled match-ups. Based on the results of the 4 round robin games, the teams will be seeded 1-9. The top 8 teams will qualify for the quarterfinals. The 9th seeded team will play an additional two consolation games, and the four teams eliminated in the quarterfinals will play one additional consolation game. Teams playing in the final Championship game will play a total of 7 games, and all of the other teams will play a total of 6 games.


Each team will play 5 round robin games with scheduled match-ups. Based on the results of the 5 round robin games, the teams will be seeded 1-6 in each pool. The top 4 teams in each pool will qualify for the sweet 16. These teams will play down to an elite 8, then 4, then proceed to the Championship game. 

Game Sheet Distribution/ Game Sheet Stickers:
We will be using game sheets for our tournament. Managers – please have roster stickers/roster labels ready for your game sheets. Three (3) stickers/roster labels are required for each game. Teams may play a possible 7 game series.

Timekeepers will bring ALL game sheets to the tournament headquarters located in each Centre. Game sheets will then be distributed to the teams upon request. A signature will be required when the game sheets are picked up by Coaches or Managers. Score sheets will not be released to parents.

Player Eligibility:
A player may only play for one team in her own age group. A player must appear on the official roster. Rosters are frozen the first day of the tournament.

Home and visiting teams are indicated on the tournament schedule. Home teams shall wear light colored jerseys.

Visitors will wear dark jerseys. If it is found that competing teams share the same colour jersey, then the visiting team will be required to change their jersey colour. All jerseys must have a player number clearly displayed. Taped numbers or players without numbers will not be permitted to participate.

Checking will be permitted at 2004 birth year.

Early Start Option:
All teams must be prepared to play their games fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled start time in the event games are ahead of schedule. Players must be ready to step onto the ice when the Zamboni finishes between games. Please have your teams prepared.

Penalty Box:
Each team is responsible for providing its own penalty box attendant.

Warm Ups:
A three (3) minute warm-up will take place before the start time of the game. Pucks will NOT be provided. Please bring warm up pucks for your team.

Time Outs:
One 30 second time-out is permitted per team per game.

Length of Periods:
All games will be three 15 minute periods with an ice cut after the second .

Round-robin, quarterfinals, semi-finals, and consolation games will not end in a tie. If the score is tied after regulation, teams will then proceed to a 5 minute period of sudden death 3 on 3. If the game remains tied, each team will select three (3) players to participate in the shootout. The shootout will then proceed one player at a time with each team having an equal number of turns. Teams are not allowed to re-use shooters until every eligible skater has made an attempt. In the shootout, the home teams choose whether to shoot first or second. Teams do not change ends for OT.

All games will be played to completion.

Championship Game - In the event of a tie score in regulation play teams will proceed to a continuous 15 minute overtime, 5 on 5 until a goal is scored.

No games will be protested.

Period Break:
There will be a one (1) minute break between each period.

Mercy Rule:
The mercy rule shall be in effect. If a team at any point during the third period is leading by 5 or more goals the clock will revert to running time. If the difference is reduced 3 goals or less the clock will revert back to stop time.

All on-ice officials are currently and completely registered and in good standing with Hockey Canada. A 3-man referee system will be in place for Triple Crown. Please note that SuperSeries AAA cannot change or alter decisions made by on ice officials.

Penalties/Match Penalties:
Penalty times will be as follows: Minor 2:00 minutes, Major 5:00 minutes, Misconduct 10:00 minutes.

Any player who receives 5 penalties in a game will be suspended for the next game.

Any player who receives a major penalty (i.e. fighting, spearing, kicking, etc.) will automatically be ejected from the remainder of the game in which the infraction occurs, plus the next game. In the event that a major penalty occurs, the official must note on the game sheet whether the infraction includes a game misconduct.

A  double minor penalty counts as two penalties against the player. 

Division Scoring:
All divisions will be scored per game as follows:

a) Three (3) points for a regulation win

b) Two (2) points for an OT/SO win

c) One (1) points for an OT/SO loss

d) Zero (0) for a regulation loss

Tie Breakers:
In the event of a tie for playoff seeding, the following criteria will be used to determine the team’s placement.

1. Head-to-Head*

2. Most Regulation Wins

3. Most Total Wins

4. Goal differential (GF-GA)

5. Fewest Goals Against
*If more than two teams are tied, head-to-head does not apply, proceed to tie-breaker #2

Forfeited Games:
Any forfeited games will be recorded as a 3-0 score.

Goal Differential:

The maximum goal differential attainable per game is +/-  6.

On Site Medic:
Will be available at every rink.  They will be visible at each venue during the Triple Crown event.

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