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Collegiate Classic

Format - Showcase

Eligible Teams - Elite AAA, AAA, AA

Sanction # MIT2289163437

Schedule - All teams must be prepared to play at 7:30 am on Friday and all play is scheduled to end by 4 pm on Sunday.

Schedule Disclaimer - Please note that in the age of COVID,  it is almost a certainty that this schedule will change due to teams dropping out with positive tests. This has happened at every event we have held in the last month.

Please DO NOT make any plans that can not be refunded, based upon this schedule. Teams must be prepared to play between the event start and event finish times. We wish it were not this way but this is the reality of today. 

Date: December 17-19, 2021

Age Groups: 2011-U15

$2050 for 2010-2006
$2150 for Midget

Guaranteed Games: 
5 for 2012-2007
4 for U15-U18