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Boston Breakout

Boston Breakout Apparel Store

The store will remain open until August 24th. Orders will ship directly to you approximately 1 week from store closing in order to have prior to the event. Start the 2021 season off in style! Only chance to get your custom apparel personalized with name and or number! To get started, just select the appropriate sizes and quantities for the items below.  FREE shipping on any order over $50.

The Boston Breakout is the premier early season event hosting 200 teams at rinks throughout New England. The Boston Breakout was created to provide teams the opportunity to play five very competitive games early in the season and prepare for league play. This is a Showcase style event. SuperSeries staff will match teams into groups of six teams, based on the following criteria:

  1. Creating most competitive games;
  2. Produce match-ups in an effort to avoid games between teams that face each other often during the season.

Format - Showcase

Eligible Teams - All teams are eligible, as the teams will be broken into evenly matched groups.

To qualify for the top tier division your team must be ranked in the top 25 by MyHockey Rankings. If your team is not in the top 25 but you believe your team is qualified you can request consideration by emailing us at

Schedule - ALL teams must be prepared to play at 8 am on Friday (no exceptions). All game play is scheduled to end by 4 pm on Sunday. Age groups/divisions will play at centrally located rinks. Schedules will be released to all registered teams 7-10 days before the event start date. 

Sanction Number - approved by USA Hockey (MA) # 83009739/ approved by USA Hockey (NE District)  # NHH22-01


Age Groups: 2012-2007, U15, U16, U18

U15-U18 - $2150

Guaranteed Games: 5 games for 2012-2007, 4 game guarantee for U15, U16, and U18

Past Seasons