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About SuperSeries


Starting with the 2013-2014 season, there are now two types of SuperSeries events: the classic SuperSeries tournaments that is hosted by an organization or team, which are now called Organization Hosted Tournaments, and SuperSeries Hosted Showcases, which are run by SuperSeries.

The SuperSeries Hosted Showcases are showcase-style events geared mainly toward teams ranked in the top 12. In the showcases, teams will play five (5) round-robin games except for the U16/U18/U19, which will play four (4) games. There are no playoffs or championship games. Showcase games will have 15-minute periods unless otherwise specified. Click here for a 2015-16 SuperSeries Hosted Showcase schedule. If you are interested in participating in a SuperSeries Hosted Showcase, email

Same as previous years, the Organization Hosted Tournaments are hosted by teams or organizations. Teams must be invited and/or must be approved by the host in order to participate. Competition is based on putting together an evenly matched event so that every team gets great games and great values, no matter their ranking. In tournaments, teams will play 5-6 games, depending on age group and format, and typically have playoffs and a championship game. Games will have either 15-minute or 17-minute periods, as decided by the host.