Tournament Procedures

SuperSeries AAA is governed by the rules of USA Hockey, and it is the responsibility of each player, coach and team manager to be familiar with these rules and ensure all participating players and coaches are registered with USA hockey for insurance purposes.

During this time of Covid 19, the rules of the State and the restrictions placed by the State and the Country will be followed. Such restrictions as use of facemasks, social distancing, and rink capacity/ spectator viewing guidelines will be enforced, current to the restrictions outlined by the State Governor at the time of the event. Anyone with cold or flu like symptoms will not be permitted entry. Teams or individuals who feel unwell or report signs of illness or fever will be asked to stay home.  Players are responsible for supplying their own water and water bottle – glass bottles are prohibited on the bench, in the locker room and inside the facility proper.

The tournament director shall be responsible for resolving all inquires or disputes regarding off-ice rule application or interpretation, player eligibility, disciplinary action and any other procedural disputes. He/she will not overturn any dispute concerning rules and/or the judgment applied by on-ice officials. All decisions of the tournament director are final.

**Note; The tournament director reserves the right to add to, amend, or remove any tournament procedure, policy or rule prior to the start of the tournament. **

1.   Verification that all participating teams are properly registered with USA Hockey or Hockey Canada,  is required prior to the start of the tournament. A USA Hockey Verified/Approved Roster or Hockey Canada Approved Roster is required for all participating teams. 

2 . Travel Permits are required from any team from an Affiliate requiring a travel permit, prior to the event start date. Any USA Hockey registered team who is traveling to Canada is required to submit a travel permit to the tournament organizer prior to the event start date. 

3.  Rosters submitted to SuperSeries AAA for SuperSeries AAA waivers must match the team’s verified/approved USA Hockey Approved Roster or Hockey Canada Approved Roster.

4. All team representatives (manager and/or coach) must check in at the tournament facility at least one {1) hour before his/her team’s first scheduled game time.

5. All teams must use the locker room assigned to them for each game.

a. It is the team managers’/representatives responsibility to ensure that the locker room is maintained and kept clean (no trash/tape /food or drink on the floor) prior to vacating the locker room after each game. The team manager/representative is responsible for all damage done to the locker room, equipment in the locker, or the facility.

b. Each team/team manager is responsible for the safeguarding of all team items in the locker rooms. The facility and/or host organization assume no liability or responsibility for any theft or damage due to team negligence.

c. All team representatives are responsible for checking for any schedule changes, suspensions and other important information.

6. All teams must be ready to begin play up to fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of each game. The scorekeeper will begin a warm-up period when the Zamboni doors are closed. The warm up is allotted for a time of three (3) minutes.

7.All players shall remain off the ice surface until the Zamboni doors have been completely closed and on-ice officials are present.

8. Anyone on the players' bench must be listed on the team's tournament roster.

9. It is the responsibility of each team to complete the score sheet prior to the start of the game. The game sheet should be affixed with rosters from both teams.

10. The scorekeeper will return the completed score sheet after each game to the Rink Manager.