Showcase Rules


Specific Showcase rules and regulations are outlined below. If a situation arises that is not specifically covered, then USA Hockey Rules and Regulations apply. All decisions by the tournament director are final.

1. Any discrepancies with what is recorded in the game scoring system will be addressed as per the score sheet change request process detailed on the SuperSeries AAA website:

2. Rosters: Only players (including goaltenders) listed on the official tournament team roster may play in tournament games. Players can only be rostered on one (1) team and will NOT be allowed to play for multiple teams, regardless of what division the teams are in. Please note that NO players can be added to the roster at game time. No combining of teams/players or substitutions will be accepted. Note that In the event of a player injury, or other urgent need (e.g. emergency goalie), substitute player eligibility will be determined and reviewed for approval on a case-by-case basis.

3. Home and visiting teams are indicated on the tournament schedule. Home teams shall wear light colored jerseys and socks. Visitors will wear dark jerseys and socks. All jerseys must have a player number clearly displayed. Taped numbers or players without numbers will not be permitted to participate.

4. Mouth Guards: All players in the tournament are required to wear a colored, non-clear (Rule 304F) mouth guards (Squirt players excepted as per USA Hockey), or as per their Organization’s directive (per out of country teams).

5. Penalty/Box Attendant: Each team is responsible to provide its own penalty box monitor or attendant.

6. Penalty times will be as follows: Minor 2:00 minutes, Major 5:00 minutes, Misconduct 10:00 minutes

7. Game Lengths: Players should be ready to play 15 minutes before the posted start time of a game.

a. Each event is specific to game lengths for the entire tournament.

(Exception: the final game may be different).

b. For Showcase events, teams play 3 x 15 minute periods, unless otherwise determined. U16 and u18 teams will play 3 x 15 minute periods with an ice cut after every 2 periods, or 2 x 25 minute halves with an ice cut between the 1st and 2"d half.

c. In the event a game may run past the allotted duration (75 min or 90 min), the scorekeeper will adjust the game clock to the allotted time left in the 3rd period

8. Warm-up period: three (3) minutes.

9. Period Break: There will be a one (1) minute break between each period.

10. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure their team is ready to go at the start of each period and the sound of buzzer after timeouts

11. Time Out: One 30-second time out is permitted per team per game

12. Showcase style events do not require a tie breaker format. If games end up in a tie, each team will be awarded a point.

13. Mercer Rule: If, at the beginning of the third period, or at any time during the third period, a team is ahead by five goals or more the clock will go to running time. If the difference is reduced to three goals the clock will revert to stop time.

14. On Ice Altercations: If a game is interrupted by on ice fighting between players and /or bench staff, then the clock will continue to run. Games times will not be restored until the whistle has blown on the play that immediately follows the on-ice fight. Minutes lost will not be restored.

15. Any teams who are registered for a SuperSeries AAA Tournament will be sent the rules specific to the event that they are participating in. Specific rules will also be posted to the event web page.