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Rochester Border Battle



Format - Tournament

Eligible Teams - AAA, AA

Schedule - All teams must be prepared to play for 7:30 am on Friday and all play is scheduled to end by 4 pm on Sunday.

Schedule Disclaimer - Please note that in the age of COVID,  it is almost a certainty that this schedule will change due to teams dropping out with positive tests. This has happened at every event we have held in the last month.

Please DO NOT change travel arrangements based on the schedule, as there is a possibility that the schedule may need to be adjusted due to error or covid related issues. Please check the posted online schedule at least 24 hours prior to the game time to make sure no changes are missed. 

Teams should not book any activities that are non-refundable during any of our scheduled events, as the schedule is subject to change.

Date: November 12-14 and January 21-23

Age Groups:

Nov 12-142009 -2012

Jan 21-23:  2007-2010

Price: $2050

Guaranteed Games: 5